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Chicken or Tuna FAQ

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Q: I'm considering eating a sandwich for lunch. What are some of the popular types of sandwiches these days?

A: Two kinds that we've tried are chicken salad and tuna salad.

Q: What is Chicken of the Sea? Is it chicken or tuna?

A: It's tuna.

Q: I've got two sandwiches here, and it turns out they're one of each kind. Problem is, I'm not sure which one to eat. I need to decide soon, since I'm hungry. What do you recommend?

A: Go for the chicken.

Q: I want to have a bag of potato chips with my chicken or tuna sandwich. Can you recommend a comprehensive source of information about those delicious salted treats?

A: We recommend Taquitos.net. It's the Crunchiest Site on the Interweb, and they've reviewed more than 6000 kinds of snacks.

Q: Did you get the idea for this site from Jessica Simpson's famous confusion on MTV's Newlyweds show?

A: No, we thought of it first. Really. We registered the domain name in July 2003, a month before Jessica confused tuna and chicken on national TV. If you don't believe we could think of anything that cool on our own, spend about 15 minutes exploring our other creation, Taquitos.net, and then you'll believe it.

Q: I've got a sandwich here. I'm not sure whether it's ham or turkey. Can you help me?

A: No.

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